Friday, October 28, 2011

Step One: Honesty

“Our will in competition to God’s will allows desires,
appetites, and passions to go unbridled (see Alma 38:12;
3 Nephi 12:30).

A list of what is important to me
  • My relationship with my wife
  • My relationship with my children
  • My success at work
  • My success as disciple of Christ
  • My sucess as a friend to those around me
  • My success as a member of my extended family

What I believe
  • Jesus Christ is our Savior
  • We are all children of God
  • Christ will forgive us of our sins
  • Women deserve my respect, protection, and admiration
  • Sexuality is a private, personal, intimate thing
  • Living Worthy of the Gift of the Holy Ghost is essential to my personal, professional, and spiritual success.

What I Lose by indulging in pornography
  • I lose a sense of intimacy with my wife
  • I lose the peaceful, strengthening, reassuring support of the Holy Ghost
  • I lose my credibility as a father, as a disciple, as a leader.
  • I lose my ability to choose.
  • I lose my ability to focus on work, or on my relationships with my children and my wife.

As I become more willing to abstain and admit the problems I face, my pride will gradually be replaced with humility.

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