Monday, March 26, 2012

"How can your hunger for things of the Spirit help you be more honest?"

When I am honest, I am being obedient to a commandment of God.

When I am obedient to the commandments of God, I am blessed with a portion of God's spirit.

When I am blessed with a portion of God's Spirit, my capacity for obedience increases.

When my capacity for obedience increases, my ability to be honest increases and my communion with the Holy Spirit increases.

So, What are the "things" of the  Flesh?

(Galations 5:19-23) "Now the works of the aflesh are manifest, which are these;

Adultery, - infidelity to marriage covenants
fornication, - violations of others chastity as well as my own
uncleanness, - both physical (disease, viruses, etc) and spiritual (unworthy of Spirit)
lasciviousness, - preoccupation with sexual things numbs spiritual sensibilities and ability to appreciate the world,
Idolatry, - worship of objects other than God (drugs, sex, money, power)
witchcraft, - "pharmakia" in the greek, or "sorcery"  hmm...the use of drugs perhaps?
hatred,  - a numb spirit is a hateful spirit
variance, - competition, conention, strife,  again, a numb spirit is a hateful spirit
emulations, - envy
wrath, - cruelty 
strife, - contention, the inability to work together, pride
seditions,  - to speak ill of someone, gossip, etc..
heresies, - to bend and break and twist the gospel to fit ones needs
Envyings,  - see strife and emulations
murders, - sins of the flesh will ultimately lead to murder
drunkenness, - allowing the flesh to control everything leads to addiction 
revellings, - unchecked, unbridled passions

that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

And What are the fruits "THINGS) of the Spirit?
But the afruit of the bSpirit is  
love,  - the spirit will help me feel God's love and others' love as well, and it will help me love others
joy,  - the spirit will help me feel true joy.
peace,  - as I feel the spirit, I will receive the peace that comes with forgiveness and the knowledge that I am, at least in some way, living well enough to have the Holy Ghost with me.
longsuffering,  - the spirit will give me the strength to endure through my addictions
gentleness, - the spirit will help me be softer with my children
goodness, - the spirit will make me a better, kinder, person
faith, - the spirit will give me added faith that I can be forgiven,
Meekness,  - the spirit will help me be humble, teachable, and more willing to follow promptings to avoid acting out
temperance - seeking after the things of the spirit will help me be more temperate, have more control of my physical desires

To hunger and to thirst after things of the spirit is to:

Enjoy the scriptures
Pay attention in church
Read the Ensign
Seek opportunities to serve
Choose wholesome entertainment
sacrifice my "natural man" needs for the needs of others
etc, etc, etc

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